"We are one people living on one planet
breathing the same air... feeding from the same earth
Robyn Walker

Archived Video Clips

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Personal Transformation – including Reiki and Breathwork

Michael Ademedes interaction with Sandy & Mary on the show was both illuminating and entertaining. A real must to view.

Feeding and Empowering Sydney’s Homeless

If you ever wanted to be truly motivated by another person’s passionate care for humanity – this is the show to watch.

Sacred Sex - The True Art of Making Love

This program provides a wonderful insight into the often misunderstood world of tantric sex, and the honesty and frequently hilarious stories of these two gifted people make it compelling viewing.

Australian Bush Flower Essences

In this highly illuminating and educational show, Ian shares with us how his boyhood journey provided him with a profound respect for nature

Assisting People Long Term Unemployed

Too often, instead of accepting an unsuccessful job application as part of the re-employment process, we can be left with a feeling of, ‘what’s wrong with me?’

Living Now Sydney Symposium

Filmed at the Living Now symposium featuring San Francisco based writer and speaker Robert Rabbin. One of his favourite topics is ‘Living with spiritual passion, power and truth’

Childhood Development & Emotional Intelligence

These two amazing people provide us with a huge part of the answer. A must see