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A Conversation With Louise Sales & Paul Hanly - Greenpeace (Part 1)

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In 1971, motivated by their vision of a GREEN and PEACEFUL world, a small team of activists set sail from Vancouver, Canada, in an old fishing boat known as the ‘Phyllis Cormack’.

They believed a few individuals could make a difference. Their mission was to "bear witness" to America’s underground nuclear testing on a tiny island off the West Coast of Alaska called Amchitka.

Besides being in one of the world's most earthquake-prone regions, Amchitka was also the last refuge for 3000 endangered sea otters, and home to bald eagles, peregrine falcons and other wildlife. The boat was intercepted before it got to Amchitka, however the journey sparked a flurry of public interest. America still detonated its bomb, but the voice of reason had been heard. Nuclear testing on Amchitka ended that same year, and the island was later declared a bird sanctuary

Today, Greenpeace is a global organisation that prioritises campaigns that can be addressed on a global scale. Based in Amsterdam, Greenpeace has 2.65 million financial supporters worldwide and national/regional offices in 41 countries.

Louise Sales is the Genetic Engineering Campaigner in Australia

Louise aims to ensure that risky genetically engineered (GE) foods aren’t released into our natural environment and challenges standards set by the government food and gene technology regulators.

Louise has a long history with Greenpeace, having first joined the organisation as a volunteer almost 20 years ago.
She has held a variety of positions in non-governmental organisations around the globe. Louise was the director or Corporate Watch in the UK where she investigated the practices of biotechnology companies. She has also worked as a campaigner for The Greens in New Zealand and Environment Victoria.
Louise has a Master in Biodiversity and Conservation and an Honours degree in Biology. It was during her university studies that she became aware of the dangers of GE food.
She is also passionate about animals and has undertaken conservation research on dolphins in Scotland, and fish in Bangladesh.

Paul Hanly is the Volunteer Co-Ordinator for Greenpeace in Australia.

Paul had a comprehensive and successful background in commerce, law and banking. he has a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting, Finance and Systems), Bachelor of Law and Chartered Accountant.
Paul has been with GreenPeace for two and a half years and as the Volunteer Coordinator has experience in recruitment, induction, training, management, communications, motivation, planning, organisation, campaigning, and event management
As he says “I have a long history of involvement in organisations relevant to where I was in my life”

These two people provide an informative, stimulating and thought provoking picture of what is currently happening on our planet in regards to Greenpeace, GE food, whaling and sustainable energy. A definite viewing must for all the family.

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