"We are one people living on one planet
breathing the same air... feeding from the same earth
Robyn Walker

“From Here to Paternity”


Sacha is a reporter and has been a features writer for the Sydney Morning Herald since 1994. His first book, From Here To Paternity is a users manual for early fatherhood. Funny, witty, well researched and an easy read, the book depicts Sacha’s own journey from couple-dom to fatherhood and family based realities.

The interview with Sacha also touches on the often taboo subject of sex during and after pregnancy, the advisability or not of men being in the birthing room, and the jealousy dads can feel toward their baby.

Funny, revealing and informative, this program is a very down-to-earth look at blokes becoming dads. The book has already saved marriages due to the openness, frankness and genuine life changing information that Sacha shares about his journey and those of other dads.


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