"We are one people living on one planet
breathing the same air... feeding from the same earth
Robyn Walker

A Conversation with Caroline Myss –International Teacher, Author & Medical Intuitive


This conversation with Caroline Myss was our 44th filming, and would have to be one of the most entertaining and inspirational programs too-date. While each guest brings their own unique flavour, wisdom and persona, Caroline’s perception of life, her absolute conviction and passion for bringing an understanding of equality to our planet…does make this compelling viewing…as she shares her personal and professional journey.
Caroline has written seven books including ‘Anatomy of the Spirit’, ‘Sacred Contracts’ and her latest, ‘Entering the Castle’, in addition to producing many CD’s
She is dedicated to creating educational programs in the field of human consciousness, spiritually and mysticism, health, energy medicine, and advancing the science of medical intuition. Caroline also maintains a rigorous workshop and lecture schedule internationally, has taught in 35 countries and continues a consultation practice as a medical intuitive.

As Caroline says, “perfection is not our goal, spiritual practice is and maintaining a State of Grace. Her latest book “Entering the Castle”, takes us on a personal inner journey to attain this.

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