"We are one people living on one planet
breathing the same air... feeding from the same earth
Robyn Walker

Deb Webber - Mediumship


Deb Webber has been heralded as Australia’s answer to the high profile American medium & psychic, John Edward, of “Crossing Over” fame.

Deb has been a weekly columnist with Woman’s Day for more than two years, and has appeared in approximately 20 episodes of the “Sensing Murder” series – in Australia and NZ. Her magazine column, aptly titled, “Life after Deb”, focuses on Deb connecting people with their ‘passed over’ loved ones.
This is our second conversation with Deb as she was one of our very first filmings in 2005. Since then Deb has been traveling in Australia and internationally, doing live shows and sharing her remarkable gift with the world.
In this amazingly frank interview, Deb talks about how she communicates in the spirit world, and discusses subjects such as being set-up by skeptics who have endeavored to disprove her abilities.
Most of us are aware of our psychic abilities and as Deb says, we all have this gift to tune in to the other side.

A must see program with a woman who cares deeply from the heart for all humanity.

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