"We are one people living on one planet
breathing the same air... feeding from the same earth
Robyn Walker

A Conversation With Robert Rabbin - RealTime Speaking


I feel the best way to intro Robert is through his own words:

“I open my RealTime Speaking courses talking about “authenticity.” I show a video clip of Mike Parsons surfing a 70-foot wave. It’s awesome. (I don’t think we’re supposed to do that kind of thing — you know, surf tsunamis!)

I use the “big wave” as a metaphor for authenticity, which I define as unlimited access to our inexhaustible creative and expressive power. I make a point of saying, “Authenticity is not about an ‘authentic self,’ a static image, idea, or purpose. Life is moving. Life is dynamic. Life is constantly inventing itself. If we are living nakedly and joyously, creatively, if we are surfing each moment with a fierce nowness and wholeheartedness, improvising and riffing with what’s all around, sensually and rapturously sliding and gliding in and out, here and there — aren’t we inventing a new self with each instant? Aren’t we creating new biographies by the hundreds and thousands, down there in the coral reefs, way down below where the waves start up with an invisible swelling of the deep sea?”

Robert was a guest on our second filming, and now, with this our 52 filming, his life has had a profound change and shift…and “RealTime Speaking” has become his gift to the world.

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