"We are one people living on one planet
breathing the same air... feeding from the same earth
Robyn Walker

A Conversation with Sonia Choquette – Sixth Sensory Spiritual Teacher

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Sonia is a world renowned author, spiritual teacher, story teller and psychic
guide with a BA, MS and PhD in Metaphysics. Born into a highly psychic family, she has over the years written 14 books including “Diary of a Psychic”. Her mothers psychic ability opened at age 12 during WWII as she was marched to a prison camp…and this was then passed on to Sonia.

As Sonia says, "I am psychically and creatively empowered because I was encouraged at all times to be awake, aware and guided by my highest potential, my sixth sense, and the most direct link to the Divine. I grew up in an environment that recognized psychic awareness not only as natural but essential to successful navigation and creation in life. In our home the sixth sense was considered the first gift. It is a gift of higher awareness that we all have, that we can all experience, that we can all trust and that we all need!"

Unfortunately most people dismiss or ignore the sixth sense and sadly miss the benefits. With the destruction and disillusion of the changing world we now live in, Sonia emphasizes that using our intuition is "no longer optional. Working with and honoring our sixth sense and listening to its guidance is becoming more and more fundamental to our ability to live harmoniously with ourselves and others in the new world order."

This conversation with Sonia is powerful and yet so simple as she shares her journey, her sixth sensory wisdom in such a playful, matter-of-fact manner and style that is unique to her amazing physical presence.

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